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Post-Vacation Plans in Madrid

Written by Laura

It’s easy to feel down when you come back from summer vacation and have to return to your daily routines, responsibilities and worries. That’s why in this article from ShMadrid, we want to offer you some ideas for outings and plans in the fall to treat the post-vacation blues. We have the tremendous luck of living in a place where we can enjoy nice temperatures late into the summer and start of fall, which allows for some final outdoor plans before we truly enter into colder weather. Ready for some recommendations?

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Enjoy Madrid as if you were still on vacation

Photo by NigelLee via VisualHunt

If the idea of vacations and nice weather being over is still too tormenting to accept, it helps to take time to still enjoy the outdoors while the last bits of summer weather remain. Going right back to work and daily life after getting to relax on vacation can be a rough transition, so taking this time can also help to distract you from any stress by focusing on an activity. If you want an option to really take your mind off work, there’s an activity offered just outside out Madrid that would be good for you. If it doesn’t capture your whole attention, we don’t know what will. If you’ve ever wanted to fly, you can with MADparapente, a company that lets you paraglide with an instructor. You don’t need previous experience with paragliding to participate – all you have to do is take in the ride and enjoy the adventure.  

If reading about that option gives you heart palpitations, a calmer option might be better for you – maybe spending the day at a lake with views of the nearby mountains? For those of you that can already picture themselves enjoying the scenery and natural serenity, we recommend an activity that is engaging but also relaxing – kayaking. If you’ve never gone kayaking, it’s similar to canoeing but easier to maneuver, and allows you to go solo or with a companion. The company Yucalcari takes you to enjoy a day of kayaking, along with other water sports like paddle surfing and canoeing at the San Juan Reservoir. They also organize trips for hiking, mountain biking, climbing and archery. All this takes place an hour outside of the city, in the town of San Martín de Valdeiglesias.

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Photo by runneralan2004 via VisualHunt

Alternatively, if you want to stay local, what do you think of being a tourist in your own city? It may sound silly to be touristy in a place where you’ve lived for a while, but many residents have never gotten around to visiting or seeing the main attractions where they live. There may be some amazing history in your city that you never knew about before. One way you can experience Madrid like it’s the first time is on a segway tour, a great way to cruise around from here to there. Segway Trip organizes segway tours through Madrid for small groups between 2-8 people starting at 15 euros per person, letting you see what the city is like from a new, motorized point of view. The hour-long route takes you to some of the city’s most emblematic points of interest, and you also get to learn some of Madrid’s most interesting trivia.

Have you done any of these activities? Is there one that you’d like to try?

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