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Districts of Madrid

Get to know the San Blas district

Written by Miguel

One of Madrid’s 21 districts, San Blas is divided into 8 different neighbourhoodsSimancas, Hellín, Amposta, Arcos, Rosas, Rejas, Canillejas and Salvador. While it’s far from being one of the capital of Spain’s most popular areas, San Blas still offers you many useful services and resources, such as libraries, cultural centres and sports facilities. Plus, it allows you see Madrid and its people from a different perspective, far from the tourist crowds and the clicking of selfies. Here’s all you need to know about the most important barrios in this district:


Photo by jl.cernadas via Visualhunt

Photo by jl.cernadas via Visualhunt

The whole district was actually once a town called Canillejas, which was annexed to the city back in 1949. Later, when the capital of Spain was administratively rearranged, the town became the district of San Blas, with Canillejas becoming the name of one of its neighbourhoods.

Formerly a village, this now suburban area has known consistent growth and modernization over the last two decades. Calle de Alcalá, Madrid’s longest street, connects it directly to the city centre, where it reaches Puerta del Sol.

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This San Blas barrio is home to both the Antonio Machado Cultural Centre, which promotes several activities aimed towards the youth of the district, and the San Blas Municipal Public Library, which includes a day care centre for seniors and a music school.


The Hellín neighbourhood is home to the San Blas Municipal Sports Centre, which features both outdoor and indoor facilities. For outdoor sports enthusiasts, it provides 2 tennis courts, 3 ping pong tables, a 50m Olympic pool and 5 multisport areas. When it comes to indoor activities, it offers 3 multisport pavilions, a 25m pool, a martial arts studio, a multipurpose room and a lifting area.

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The Rejas barrio has two cultural centres – Ciudad Pegaso and José Luis López Vázquez – both of which host regular exhibitions and concerts, as well as varied courses and workshops.


Photo by chema mínguez via Visualhunt

Photo by chema mínguez via Visualhunt

In this charming traditional neighbourhood, you’ll find the José Hierro Municipal Public Library, a modern building surrounded by a beautiful and ample garden. If you’d rather be exploring mines than strolling through a green field, though, this is going to be your favourite neighbourhood – it is home to both a Geomining Museum and Madrid’s School of Mining Engineering.

There you go! That’s about all we can tell you about the Madrid district of San Blas. To find out more, you’ll have to pay it a visit – and of course, let us know all about it using the comment box below. Have fun discovering Madrid!

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