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Culture in the Park at Conde Duque

Written by Laura

A park for everybody, full of culture, music and beauty – this is what will be taking place in Conde Duque. The Madrilenian space, always at the forefront of art and the city’s history, has created an experience that unites nature, stage art and culture in general, forming a corner where the community can reunite and gather to collaborate creatively together. Today at ShMadrid we will be talking about Conde Duque and its recent event Garden State, a special garden area filled with surprises and points of interest for those who want to enjoy the culture of Madrid and live it authentically.

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A collective, creative garden

Photo via Pixabay

Conde Duque is a multidisciplinary space that joins theater, music, literature, expositions, cinema, dance and other artistic and cultural performance and creation. This is one of the most interesting cultural spaces in the artistic panorama of Madrid.  From September 12-16, Conde Duque was converted into a garden awaiting exploration and inviting everyone to collaborate on the proposed events taking place there, all part of the event called Garden State. This was a place of discovery for every type of cultural event, surrounded by different plant life to create a more natural environment. The intention was for neighbors to be able to help out in the space in an original way, by bringing different plants that add to, in a collective fashion, a green space focused on communityart and culture and, in exchange for their help, give access to concerts, yoga sessions, poetry slam sessions and tons of other events and collective activities for all tastes.

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Photo via Pixabay

Each plant in the space is identified so visitors can know where they are from and who they belong to, so that all the people who contributed to building the green space can be the protagonists involved in the process. Organizers of the event care for the plants, and later on gather them and return them to their owners.

The space is located at Conde Duque 11, in the University neighborhood in the Madrid center. The group responsible for this creation are MAMAZA, a collective founded in 2009. MAMAZA is responsible for multiple artistic proposals of different focus and is made up of different artists, including architects, choreographers and a diverse group of multidisciplinary artists.  

Are you interested in forming part of this collective in Madrid? Have you collaborated on similar events? Have you visited Conde Duque before and enjoyed one of their innovative events?

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