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Pool installers in Madrid

Written by Laura

Summer is a time of fun, happiness, and heat! For this reason, it’s important to stay cool to keep the heat from becoming too bad. Many people that live in houses with gardens in the city or in the Comunidad de Madrid have planned to build a pool to be able to get through the Madrid summers more easily. While this is an ambitious and fairly expensive project, there are a variety of prices and qualities that adjust more or less to the needs and budget of the buyer. Today in this article from ShMadrid we tell you about what to keep in mind when building a pool in a garden and tell you about pool installers in the community.

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Building a pool in Madrid

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To build a pool in your garden, there are a series of legal and architectural questions you should keep mind and not overlook. For example, it’s important to measure the square meters of space where it will be placed. Regulations say that there should be at least 1.2 meters of distance between the borders of the pool and a wall. Use this to calculate the dimensions of the pool in case the space is reduced. On the other hand, depending on who uses the space, there should be more space so as not to hinder the swimming area. Normally, a family of six needs approximately 18 square meters of surface to be able to enjoy it and not bother one another.

Afterwards, it’s good to make sure that the ground where you plan on placing the pool won’t cause problems when you start the project, and making sure that there isn’t unknown construction that needs to be fixed, or that will compromise the planned depth of the pool. This can majorly raise the price of your project and make it difficult to move forward once you start. Lastly, it’s ideal to design your pool in a part of the garden that will receive sun and is not covered by leafy trees, especially with deciduous leaves. They will fill the pool with leaves and you’ll have to clean it our frequently, which is annoying to deal with.

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Photo via Pixabay

There are a variety of pool installers in the Comunidad de Madrid, but we have selected three options that may interest you. Firstly, we’ll discuss the company Argos Piscinas, pool suppliers that build pools through construction or prefabricated offers (these can be cheaper). They are also dedicated to maintenance and reparations of projects. Another pool installer in Madrid is Piscinas Oscer. This construction company makes saline and chlorine pools, with and without an overflowing finish. They make elegant, avant-garde and functional pools. Lastly, we recommend Piscinazos, pool constructors that guarantee a price with a 30% discount for any budget and that also have discounts if you build it in fall. They offer work models and models made from fiber, polyester and steel.

Do you have a pool at your house? What advice can you give us?

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