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Regulations For Madrid Schools

Written by Laura

No matter what part of the world you are in, there are various rules and regulations in place, and they are there for a reason – to maintain order and harmony among people. In organizations or environments where there many individuals together in one place, there are likely to be a series of rules to keep everything functioning correctly and to encourage proper behaviors that line up with the values of the institution, whether it’s a school, workplace, club or team. Today in this article from ShMadrid we will be talking about the most common regulations found in Madrid’s schools and what you can expect. 

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Common regulations for schools in Madrid

Generally, the rules in place in Spanish schools and institutions are basic guidelines of respect to prevent conflicts and encourage harmonious coexistence, as well as to educate students about correct behavior and tolerance. Because it is always important to know about the requirements and regulations of any place you will be entering into, here we will tell you about some important aspects of the general code of conduct for schools in Madrid, so you and your family can go into the city’s school system fully informed of the expectations in place.

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Firstly, all students should attend class daily, and in case of sickness or other reasons that cause them to be absent, parents and guardians should communicate this to the school in writing or in whatever way is required by the school. Activities organized by the school that take place during attendance hours are obligatory for students and must be attended. If students are unable to, the reason must be justified in writing by their parents or guardian. Punctuality and arriving to everything on time is encouraged in schools, as well as completing all assignments within the designated time during school hours. It is absolutely prohibited to leave school grounds during school hours unless justified by parents and permitted previously by the school, and young students should be accompanied by an adult. Disrespectful or intolerant behavior towards teachers, employees or other students is not acceptable. Students are expected to keep their area clean and organized, and to clean up materials after use, whether they are their own property or school property. It is also prohibited to smoke inside school buildings.

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Theft of school materials or property will be regarded as a major offense, as well as theft of property of other students or staff. Evaluations should be signed by parents, who should also take the recommendations and comments from teachers and tutors about the student’s performance and behavior seriously. Afterwards, these evaluations should be returned to the school by the stated deadline. Lately, the majority of schools are prohibiting the use of cell phones in school as well as the use of personal electronics in general. Discrimination, whether by students or staff, on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation or any other social or personal characteristic is not tolerated. If any of these rules or regulations are not followed, the student or staff member may be given a warning or reprimanded with certain sanctions depending on the severity of the offense.

Are there any other important regulations left out of this article?

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