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Renting a Car in Madrid

Written by Laura

In the face of the large number of tourists and expats looking to drive around the city of Madrid, the option of renting a car has become more and more preferable than buying one. There are multiple options for rental car companies in Madrid, making the sensible option of finding and using a rental vehicle to get around even easier. Even with the Spanish capitol’s highly effective public transit system, some people, whether tourists or long-time residents, find a private car to be necessary for their comings and goings. For these people, sometimes rental cars make more financial sense than buying a car of their own, especially if their stay in the city is temporary and not long-term. Today in this article from ShMadrid we’ll be talking about renting a car in the Spanish capitol.

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Car rentals by the hour, day and week

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Although there is plenty to see within the city itself, visiting Madrid doesn’t necessarily mean only staying within the city limits. There are a variety of other things worth a visit in the Comunidad de Madrid, so renting a car for some hours or days can permit you to enjoy the area as much as possible. Rental car companies offer a variety of options when it comes to vehicle rentals, whether it’s renting by the hour for a certain event, renting for a matter of days for a multi-day trip, or renting by the week for a longer stay. You can also choose to rent a car long-term for months up to a couple of years, an option offered by a number of rental car companies. For expats whose stay is limited by work or schooling, for example, renting a car for this longer period of time comes with the advantage of enjoying a a car and getting around while not having to worry about the costs that come along with owning a car.

In return for monthly payments, renting a car offers the advantage of not having to worry about repairs or maintenance of the vehicle. This aspect alone is a great relief for some people, since the responsibilities of owning a car can sometimes outweigh the advantages of actually having one, especially when some cars need specific parts to be imported in the case of repairs. Furthermore, renting allows you to enjoy some of the newest and cleanest-energy cars, and it allows you to change out the car for a different make and/or model when you need.  For many people who don’t feel the need to own a car, this option is much more practical and is more and more often utilized around the world. In addition, discounts may be offered if you are renting the car for your company or individual business. 

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Now, of course, you need references for places to actually rent a car to enjoy in the city. Respiro is an hourly, daily and weekly car rental company that offers easy, ecological and fast services, all of which you can explore on their website. Another option for car rentals in Madrid is Avis, a large car rental company with branches all over Spain that offers a wide ranges of vehicles with different rental length options. Lastly, we’ll be mentioning Hertz, another large vehicle rental company that offers tons of options for rentals so you can pick a rental price that best fits your budget. You can also request more information via their website. These are just a few options to be found in the city of Madrid where you can acquire a vehicle for your exact needs and with less stress.

Have you rented a car before? Is there another rental company in Madrid that you would recommend?

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