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Rock bars in Madrid

Written by Laura

We’ve all heard the phrase “rock never dies”, and this couldn’t be more true, as rock maintains its loyal following throughout the years of different music trends. The same is true for rock bars; they never go out of style, especially considering their counterculture fanbase that stays true to this style and the established spots where you can listen to this music while enjoying a drink with friends. Whether you live in Madrid or are just passing through, there are a number of places where those looking for a rocking night out can experience rock music and drinks, and ShMadrid is here to tell you about some of those spots. Here is our list of the best rock bars in Madrid.

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Friends, drinks and rock and roll

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Wurllitzer Ballroom, located at Tres Cruces, 12, is the perfect spot for a classic night out in Madrid where you can party until six in the morning. The earlier you arrive the more likely you are to catch some of the musical performances of seventies rock and garage rock. In the Lavapiés neighborhood you can find La Taverna La Aguja at Ave Maria, 25, a spot where you’ll hear vinyl and psychedelic seventies rock while drinking beer with friends. They also have a wide variety of snacks to enjoy if you want to munch on something while you enjoy the music. Furthermore, if you’re vegetarian or vegan you’re in luck, as a lot of the food on their menu is free of animal products. Right next to the Lavapiés Plaza is the classic El Botas (de la Fe, 9), whose owners can claim having the only bar in Madrid that doesn’t play SGAE music. El Botas has spent years curating some of the best rock and roll music, from the classics to heavier tunes to the blues, making it an ideal place for rock music lovers.

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If there’s one mythical music space in the capital, it’s Moby Dick, located at Av. Brasil, 5. This spot is close to the Santiago Bernabéu stadium with over 20 years of concerts and shows. It has since been converted into one of the most emblematic clubs in Madrid. They normally play indie rock, although you’ll also hear metal, jazz and folk on certain nights. When the live music ends, the space turns into a drinks bar until six in the morning, when the best of the rock music plays. Gruta 77 (Cuclillo, 6) is a small music hall that offers concerts nearly every day. Here, you can listen to the best of underground music: rockabilly, rock, punk, ska and more. On the top floor, there is a rehearsal hall that is also used as a bar when there isn’t a concert going on. At Malasaña there aren’t very many rocker bars, leaving very few at all to explore, so if you want a safe bet the best option is to go to is La Vía Láctea, located at Velarde, 18. This spot, situated in one of Madrid’s trendiest neighborhoods frequently wallpapered with concert posters, is perfect for playing billiards and having beer or cocktails with friends while listening to killer music.

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