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Adopting a Dog in Madrid

Written by Laura

As Three Kings Day and the beginning of a new year approaches, it’s a good time to begin thinking of giving your family the gift of a dog, especially if you have kids who have been pressing to get one for some time now. Along with the joy and companionship that pets bring, they are also a good opportunity for kids to grow in the area of responsibility. In addition, owning a dog can provide benefits such as a better state of wellbeing, socialization skills and self-esteem, especially in children. Dogs especially provide this sense of wellbeing and better mental health for people, as they can help to lower levels of stress. If you are thinking of adding a dog to your family and know you can devote time and care to it, you should consider adopting a dog rather than buying one. Today in this article from ShMadrid, we’ll be talking about the benefits of adopting a dog.

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Enjoy the benefits of adopting a dog and adding a member to the family

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As we said before, the benefits of having the company of an animal, and specifically a dog, are multiple. For example, are a variety of scientific studies that show that having dogs helps people to become sick less frequently. One reason for this is that humans nowadays are exposed to less and less germs through different levels of hygiene maintenance in current society, which make us more vulnerable and less hardy in the face of sickness. Dogs are vessels for all kinds of germs and bacteria, making those that co-habitate with these furry creatures far much more immune and resistant to germs. For similar reasons, people are less likely to suffer from allergies if they have animals in the house. People’s mental health is also bettered by owning a dog, as having one in the house can cause owners to suffer less intensely from depression and enhance their overall sense of wellbeing.  

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The simple act of looking at your dog causes your body to produce oxytocin, the same hormone that is released when a mother looks at her baby. This hormone is responsible for creating emotional links and producing a sense of wellbeing. Furthermore, petting a dog can lower blood pressure and heart rate, which improves cardiovascular health. Lastly, having a dog allows you to have a more active and social lifestyle, which is ideal for fighting against loneliness and sedentary habits. Hopefully, those who are weighing the pros and cons of getting a dog will be more convinced to do so after reading about these health benefits, but of course there are other things to consider. It’s important to remember that a pet is not a toy, but a living being with emotions. Having a dog requires a high level of responsibility, and it needs to be shown care, love and concern for its needs. This means a good deal of patience, time and money that will go into this pet, so make sure you are ready to dive into this new responsibility.

Have you adopted a dog before?

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