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Indoor Plants to Decorate Your Apartment

Written by Laura

Indoor plants are a force of health and energy that can completely modify and freshen the environment of your home. Having indoor plants in the house can be very helpful to those with respiratory problems or allergies (as long as the plants in the house do not aggravate the allergy itself, of course), because plants help to purify and regenerate the air, making it healthier for those breathing the air in the space. If you’re wondering what indoor plants to get for your home, read on – in this article from ShMadrid, we’ll be talking about the best indoor plants for your apartment.

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Revitalize your environment with interior plants

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The reason indoor plants help to better the environment in a home is principally due to photosynthesis. During this process, plants transform carbon dioxide into oxygen, which is beneficial for the organisms of human beings. In addition, the presence of plants has been shown to help lower levels of stress, perhaps since humans feel more connected to and comforted by this other natural life form. What’s for certain is that in large cities like Madrid, it’s easy to miss the sensation of being surrounded by nature when you’re in more of a concrete jungle, especially considering the previously mentioned health benefits. In addition, plants contribute humidity to the atmosphere, which helps when the environment is extra dry (something very unhelpful for those suffering from allergies, such as those to dust mites or mildew). It has also been discovered that plants help to lower the level of static electricity in the home, also due to the humidity they produce. It is even said that plants can help with depression, as the process of planting, caring for and growing flowers, fruits and other types of plants can contribute to a stronger sense of well-being.

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Photo by natematias via VisualHunt

There are many types of indoor plants that are good to introduce into your home, but it is important to always be aware of the fact that all plants need some form of light to an extent. It is for this reason that you should carefully choose where you plan to place each of your plants, so that each plant will survive as it should with the correct amount of light. Here are some of the most interesting and beautiful varieties of plants. The monstera or Mexican breadfruit plant is a highly versatile plant used to decorate spaces that can survive in darker areas. It’s not advised to place it in places that receive direct sunlight, and you should also be sure not to water it too frequently. Another option is the dwarf umbrella tree, another interesting variety of plant used frequently for indoor decor. Similarly to monstera, it’s a very self-sufficient plant, as it can thrive in colder and darker environments. Lastly, the peace lily is another beautiful species of indoor plant. You should avoid placing the peace lily directly in the path of sunlight and does better in shadowy places; however, it should not experience rapid changes in temperature but rather be in a place where there is a controlled temperature.

Do you have indoor plants? Have you noticed any of their benefits?

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