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Gardening Services in Madrid

Written by Laura

Some Madrid residents have the luck of owning gardens, patios or terraces decorated with plants, and for these people, their garden can be a source of joy that lasts throughout the months of the year beyond just the warm summer months. Madrid is an ideal city within which to have a garden, with the warm weather and winters that still permit plants to grow and thrive. Having a plant-filled space creates a healthy, wholesome environment that can be especially beneficial for your mental health and sense of wellbeing. While it can be wonderful to have a spot such as your terrace or outdoor garden full of trees and large plants, the difficult part is keeping these plants under control to prevent your outdoor haven from turning into a jungle. If you’re not up to it yourself, you can always delegate these duties to a professional gardener, who will know how to  keep your different plants and trees healthy and under control. If you want additional services from your gardener, you can hire someone to design your garden to your liking and add an even greater sense of harmony. Today in this article from ShMadrid, we’ll be talking about the best gardeners in the Spanish capital and the different services they offer.

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Magazine-worthy terraces and gardens

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A garden or patio should be a space where you can relax, lounge, have people over and spend time outside enjoying the life growing around you. The summer months are when your garden can really shine; you can host barbecues, sunbathe on a chair and enjoy the summer nights, and children can enjoy a beautiful area to play and explore outdoors. It’s easiest to enjoy your garden when it’s clean, not only because the area is nicer to spend time in, but also because you know your plants are healthier and happier when things like dead leaves and old vines are cleared away or pulled up. Along with cleaning away dead foliage, there are many things a garden needs, including regular weeding, watering in the hot summer months, replanting if necessary and sweeping away loose dirt. It’s also important to trim larger bodies such as hedges so they maintain their shape and don’t get in the way of other features, and trees should be maintained and watched so they don’t grow too large or become perilous. When it comes to these larger plants such as hedges and trees, it is especially important that the person maintaining them has enough experience that they will not hurt themselves in the process.

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Watering all of your different plants regularly and as often as they each need is something else that will be very important. It can be difficult if you don’t have much of a green thumb or tend to let plants die (those of you who do this, you know who you are). This can also end up costing you nearly as much money as hiring a gardener if you are constantly buying new plants and supplies to replace the ones you have lost. For all these reasons and more, it may be a good idea to look into some of the following gardening services in Madrid. 

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Firstly, there is the Madrid company Jardinería sostenible, a gardening service located at Avenida Buenos Aires 67, 3º B. The team at Jardinería sostenible can take care of a wide range of the aforementioned problems related to garden and plant care, as well as create beautiful designs for your garden layout. Another option is Xero Jardín, who can help you with mulching your garden beds and redesigning your garden if you’re looking to change up the landscape. You can find them at Avenida Bellas Vistas, 4 Lc2. Lastly, you can check out the landscaping company Pia, which specializes in landscape gardening and outdoor projects for both gardens and patios.

Have you enlisted the help of a gardening service in Madrid? Is there another one that you recommend?

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