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The Bodega de la Ardosa – the best kept open secret in Madrid.

Written by damien

Madrid is a city of surprises, most of them pleasant. It doesn’t take too long for the curious person who has come to live in the city to find out about all these off the beaten track and secret places that the locals enjoy visiting. Many of them have their own specialties to suit every taste. One of the best-known open secrets in all of Madrid is Bodega de la Ardosa, particularly well known and loved because of expertise in preparing an exquisite local dish known as the Tortilla de Patatas de Madrid.

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Tortilla de Patatas de Madrid could be described as a form of potato omelet (although you would offend most Madrilenos if you did) because this form of Spanish soul food is a legal to higher than any omelet you will find. Not only does it look good, smell good and taste good but you can eat it anytime of the day and night, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and that might explain why the Bodega de la Ardosa appears to be packed every hour of the day or night. But it’s not only the fact that it serves among the finest Tortilla in all of Madrid that makes the Bodega de la Ardosa so popular with the locals, the atmosphere of the place does it too. Creating an atmosphere goes back to the turn of the 20th century, the Bodega de la Ardosa combines a combination of dark wood panelling, dim but cozy lighting finished off with an impressive collection of Goya drawings.

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But what makes the Bodega de la Ardosa so special is that people that frequent it drawn from the finest of Madrid’s characters mingled with visitors to the city from all over the world. Make your way to the Bodega de la Ardosa and sample some Tortilla de patatas de Madrid. The bar is situated at 13 Calle de Colón, in the Malasaña district.

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